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Evil Spirit Removal and Protection

Educated people tend to believe only those which they can either see or is approved by science. They completely ignore the fact that even the science does not have answers to every question. Most of the religion and religious books have mention of the existence of evil spirits.

In Hinduism, Atharvaveda has accounts of possession by evil spirits and even their remedies. Likewise, in Christianity, ways have been discussed to identify possession by an evil spirit and how to exorcise them.

Those who perform the ritual to get one out of the possession of evil spirits are known as exorcists. Exorcists, also known as Tantrik and Ojha in India, use prayers, tantra – mantra, religious symbols, etc. to ward off evil spirits. Such beliefs are commonly accepted in several communities.

According to the Indian Astrology evil spirit possession is related planetary positions. Anyone who feels that he or she is getting many setbacks in life and are restless all the time must come to Panchmukhi Astrology Centre and consult Pandit Ravi Shankar before its too late.

    Such evil possessions are removed by various astrological techniques like.

  • Get talismans and gemstones to ward off evil
  • Yagya and hawans for the pacification the raging planets.
  • Get Raksha-Sutras prepared with powerful mantra for protection